I have been part of the Dance Power family for over 20 invaluable years. I am passionate about Dance and Education, which has enabled me to work with some of Australia’s greatest choreographers, gaining a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education from the University of New South Wales.

Dance Power over the years has inspired and taught me valuable lessons about commitment, discipline and most importantly friendship and teamwork. I am passionate about establishing strong connections between Dance and Education, which I have been perusing over the last 6 years, through my current role as College Dance coordinator at Tuggerah Lake Secondary College.

Dance Power not only values student development, but also strives to encourage and nurture the progression of students post school through teaching opportunities and support networks. Being part of Dance Power is one of my proudest achievements and I endeavour to instil the love of dance into my students, as my past teachers have inspired me.

I look forward to supporting and leading my students to happiness and greatness through dance in the future.