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$8 per 30 minute class ($32 per month)
$13.00 per 45 minute class ($52 per month)
$14.00 per 60 minute class ($56 per month)

In 2019 we are replacing our ‘unlimited’ passes to a new reward fee structure for our enthusiastic students who want to take more classes.

Up to 5 hours of Classes
Package price- $60 p/wk or $240 p/mth
Normal price-$70 p/wk
Saving- $10 p/wk

Up to 7 hours of Classes
Package price- $65 p/wk or $260 p/mth
Normal price-$98 p/wk
Saving- $33 p/wk

8 hours+ of Classes
Package price- $70 p/wk or $280 p/mth
Normal price-$112+ p/wk
Saving- $42+ p/wk

NOTE: Private class not included in package rates

Registration Fees are a one-off payment for each student, each year and are payable with the first invoice following enrolment.

$25 flat fee per student (ALL ages) OR $50 per family.

Family discounts are available to families with more than one child enrolled in classes. Families with 2 children receive a 10% discount, families with 3 children enrolled receive a 20% discount . Discounts are capped at 20%.

Note: The discount applies to group class fees only and does not apply to Private Classes, other charges or costumes.

There will be 40 weeks of dancing in 2019 and these 40 weeks will be divided into 10 equal monthly payments. The first payment will be due in February and the last in December. All invoices must be paid IN FULL each month.

In 2019, parents will have access to an online parent portal which allows you to view your monthly statements, make payments and update contact details etc.

Payments can be made by Eftpos, cash, cheque, direct deposit and Autopay.

Eftpos Payments
1. In person at our Long Jetty studio on Monday and Thursdays between 9:00am 3.00pm (credit or debit cards accepted). OR
2. Over the phone (credit card only). If I am not available to take payment, please leave a message and I will return your call. Note: there is a 2% surcharge for payments made by credit card. Only Visa and MasterCard are accepted.

Cash Or Cheque Payments
Are to be in a sealed envelope with the correct payment and your invoice slip and then placed into the fees letterbox in the front reception area inside the Long Jetty studio. Please do not give fees to teachers.

Direct Deposit Payments
Need to be paid by the 10th of each month. Please ensure payments are made in advance of the due date to allow for processing delays. Deposits are to be placed into the following account: BSB 012623 Account Number 109534217. Please make sure payments are clearly referenced with your child’s full name so that we can easily identify your payment. If we cannot identify your payment this will cause delays and may result in your account being charged a late payment surcharge. If a receipt is required, you must request this with your payment. We cannot issue receipts that are requested after payments have been made.

Autopay- NEW!!
A convenient way to set up payment without the worry of remembering due dates/ receiving bills! With Autopay there is no need to login and make payments or worry about late payment fees, it is already set up to pay by the due date. All you need to do is select the AUTOPAY option in your parent portal when you enrol.

Important: With the rise of identity theft, the laws have become very strict regarding how and where you store your financial information. Our online Portal –‘Dance Studio Pro’ does not store any financial information on our servers and is a violation of our terms of use for any dance studio to store financial information within their accounts. All financial details such as credit card numbers or bank accounts will be stored within a compliant merchant processor.

What to expect with AUTOPAY:
- On the 1st of each month your account will be debited with your monthly fee
- You will NOT be charged any merchant fee
- It is important that you keep sufficient funds in your account to cover your monthly payment

If a receipt is required, you must request this with your payment. We can no longer issue receipts that are requested after payments have been made.

Monday 11th June Queens B day
Monday 7th Oct Labour Day

We do not run classes on public holidays. You will not be charged for public holidays. However, for those students on a class package fee, fees are NOT adjusted for public holidays, and your regular monthly deposit continues.

These must be paid for whether you attend or not. A make-up class will only be granted if there is a time available and is at the teacher's discretion.