This will be broken into five categories:
Tiny Juniors (5 - 6yrs) - $45 weekly

Sub Juniors (6 - 8yrs) - $50 weekly

Juniors (8-10yrs) - $55 weekly

Intermediate (10-12yrs) - $60 weekly

Senior (13yrs+) - $65 weekly

This pass entitles you to attend any DANCE class within your age group and ability. With the many different styles we offer this is a lot of lessons... Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet, Lyrical, Acro, JFH, Tap etc.Please note that singing lessons are not included in the Unlimited Pass.

The rate is more as your child gets older due to the length of senior classes and also the higher standard.

Unlimited Pass students may pay their fees each week if they direct deposit to Dance Power's bank account (NOT IN CASH OR BY CHEQUE). It must be paid on the Monday of each week and must be kept up to date!!!

Hamlyn Terrace Unlimited Pass $21 ( 4 classes in your age group)